Voting on Narodna square (document)

While the discussion about intentions to reconstruct Narodna square continues, we believe that the community "must know their heroes."

That’s why we present the readers of the minutes of the meeting of the Architectural and Urban Development Council at the Department of Urban Development and Architecture of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration.

We believe that the most interesting part of the document is the information on the voting by the council members.

Let’s analyze votes "for" and "against." As you can see, architects and intellectuals – namely, respected architects Astalosh, Bahriy, architect and artist Kuzma and art historian Syrokhman – voted against the reconstruction.   

The Head of the Transcarpathian "architectural" union Hanzel only partially supported the project. So, whose voices helped to obtain what advocates of the reconstruction consider as the "approval"?

So here are the top four – Pihulyak, Borshovsky, Nikitin and Strychyk – the staff of the council (ie, the Department of Architecture and Urban Development).   The remaining votes for dubious Pavley’s project were given by representatives of "competent" services, such as environmentalists, firefighters, epidemiologists, etc. 


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