Russians continue to try to incite hatred between Ukrainians and Hungarians

On February 26, in Transcarpathia, unknown individuals sent threats to Ukrainians of Hungarian origin via the Telegram social network.

This was reported by Dmytro Tuzhansky, Director of the Institute for Central European Strategy, on his Facebook page, as reported by Suspilne.

According to him, messages with the same content and an identical image began to arrive in the Telegram messenger from the morning through a bot system. The messages come from accounts with mobile operator codes +7 708 (Kazakhstan) +387 (Bosnia and Herzegovina), +996 (Kyrgyzstan).

Important details:

Important details:
1. The texts in Hungarian are illiterate. I am not going to give correct translations of how the described threats how it should have sounded in Hungarian, but I will only draw attention to the following details:
Example 1: Hungarian does not say “on the knife” but literally “under the knife”, i.e. kés alá
Example 2: a typical mistake of singular and plural, when in one sentence there is first an address to single “you” and then to plural.
2. Such threats, either through text messages, mail, or spray paint on building facades, have been appearing geolocally in Transcarpathia or for Transcarpathian subscribers for the last 3-4 years.