Transcarpathia expects frosts and avalanche danger: storm warning announced

Forecasters predict changeable weather with frosts and precipitation in Zakarpatia.

In the mountains on March 17, it is cloudy, with a west wind of 7 m/s and an air temperature of -2°C.

In most of the region in the coming days, frosts of 0-3° are expected on the ground surface and in the air.

On March 18, it will be cloudy with clearings, with light precipitation in some places. On some mountain sections of the roads, there is ice. The air temperature will be 3-8°C warm, in the mountains in some places 1°C warm – 4°C frost.

On March 19-22, cloudy days with clearings and changeable temperatures are also expected. At night and in the morning, frosts of 0-3° are possible in most of the territory.

On March 22, there will be no precipitation at night, and light rain during the day.

Forecasters have announced a storm warning for avalanche danger – Level III. On March 18, in the high mountains of Zakarpatia, due to the thaw and precipitation in the form of rain and sleet, there is a significant avalanche danger.


  • Refrain from traveling to the mountains.
  • Be careful on the roads.
  • Follow the weather forecast.

We hope this information is helpful.