Transcarpathia is a land with a name

And not just one! It was proved by Cand.Phil.Sci, head of the Russian Literature Department Ivan Senko.The book, which restores the glory of the worthiest sons of the Silver Land – "From the time of Laborets to the present" – was published by the "Karpaty" house, informs the site of the Journalism Department of UzhNU.

The collection is well illustrated, contains portraits of almost all historical figures referred to in the publication. The preface titled "Alarm clock rings at dawn" was written by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Uzhgorod National University Serhiy Fedaka.

"The book carefully examines the phenomenon of the awaking energy of anxiety for the fate of the land,"Ivan Senko says."Oleksandr Dukhnovych called educators Wakers because they as if awakened people from sleep.There was this idea that Transcarpathia is the land without a name. This collection confirms the idea that Transcarpathia is the Land with a name" – the author said.


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