The trial of Nahirny has been postponed. And in Khust there rumors that he was seen at his summer cottage

Announced by today’s trial on the case of Nahirny ended very quickly. Neither Pavlo Nahirny nor his attorney appeared at the preparatory meeting, where they had to determine whether to satisfy the request of the prosecution on forced treatment. Now the perpetrator of the death of a young woman and her daughter is treated in Beregovo mental hospital because for several months he can not get rid of "shock."

The judge Dovzhanyn said that none of the accused party had informed the court about the reasons for their absence. Thus, he postponed the preparatory meeting on the criminal proceedings about compulsory treatment of Pavlo Nahirny. This proposal was voiced by the prosecutor Verkhovska. She requested the mandatory presence of the patient and his lawyer at the hearing. The defence supported the position of the prosecution, so the next meeting will be held on March 25 at 16 am.

Meanwhile Khust residents that consistently come to the court building holding posters with photos of the dead and the words "The guilty must be punished," assured the correspondent of, that they were not going to give up. Although in the city rumor has it that Nahirny somehow manages to even visit home. They say he was seen at his dacha …

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