Prosecutors revealed violations regarding social protection of children with disabilities

Prosecutors of Mizhhirya district checked the compliance of the Laws of Ukraine "On Protection of Childhood" by the executive authorities and local self-government regarding the protection of the rights of disabled children. As a result of the inspection, it was established that 217 disabled children, including 2 orphans and one child deprived of parental care, live in the district.

Not always the rights and legitimate interests of those children are protected. Thus, the inspection at the department of labor and social protection revealed the violation of the Law of Ukraine "On state aid to families with children" regarding the use of such aid by parents, guardians and persons in loco parentis, as well as the legislation concerning the provision of disabled children with technical and other means of rehabilitation.

Also the inspection revealed in hospitals a number of violations of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Childhood", Basic Laws of Ukraine on Health regarding the provision with skilled medical and preventive care, free treatment.

There have been violations of the law regarding the provision of disabled children with sanatorium and resort vouchers. It was found out that out of 217 children with disabilities, during 2010-2013 only 14 children received sanatorium treatment. 

As a result of the inspection, the District Prosecutor’s Office made submissions to eliminate violations to the heads of Department of Labour and Social Welfare, Department of Health, and the Department of Education of the District State Administration, which raised the question of disciplining 7 officials. 

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