On the distorted with “ecobond” Fried’s Palace they placed the historic photos of the facade. Are they kidding?

uzhgorod.in already reported about the terrible "repair" that permanently disfigured one of the most spectacular buildings of the city historic center – the Fried’s Palace. It was covered with the coating material of poor quality – "ecobond" – without consideration of the value of the building. And now on the facade they placed boards with vintage postcards of Uzhgorod.

The printed "posters" show how Petofi square in general and the Fried’s Palace in particular once looked like. What is it – a cruel irony, or a kind of "apology" to Uzhgorod residents for a failed upgrade of the building?

So far, the question remains rhetorical, but uzhgorod.in will certainly find out the details and, of course, will tell you …


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