Young Transcarpathian hockey players were trained by professionals from Canada and the USA (PHOTOS)

Recently, young players of the "Transcarpathian bears", together with the couch Oleksandr Dmitriev, returned from a training camp in Kalush. For the first time in Ukraine, such event was organized by the Hockey Ministries International, which was founded in 1977 in Canada.

Young hockey players from all over Ukraine were learning from professional trainers – players of the National Hockey League and the US national team.

The total number of the camp participants was 80. In particular, about ten young athletes from Uzhgorod attended the training sessions.  

According to Oleksandr Dmitriyev, a Transcarpathian hockey player and a representative of the Hockey Ministries International organization, the athletes were received well there: they lived near the sports base of the village of Vistove in Kalush district, where they were having general physical training, swimming in the pool, and in the ice palace children had two 1.5-hour training sessions every day.

The children aged 10 to 17 were trained by known coaches and hockey players from Canada and the United States. Among them, there were world hockey stars: the "Detroit" player David Booth and player of the "Montreal Canadiens" Josh Tordjman. The coaching team was headed by the vice president of the association Hockey Ministries International Don Liesemer.

Such an event was held in Ukraine for the first time, although they are common in the world, Oleksandr Dmitriev says.

According to the coach, the organization Hockey International Ministries plan to hold more training camps in Ukraine.


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