Young birds die because of heat

It is difficult to survive in such a heat not only to people, but also to animals, birds and even fish. According to a candidate of biological sciences Ludwig Potish for animals as for people any maximum temperatures can turn into a serious problem. According to the scientist, for our territory such a temperature, as now, is not anomalous, but if it will last for a long time, then this will cause some problems. Even now on the streets of Uzhgorod, pedestrians may come across the dead sparrows. Ludwig Potish pointed out that these are young birds this year. They just did not have time to learn how to look for water.

It is worth remembering that a considerable role is played on the warm-blooded animals and cold-blooded animal division. Fish do not eat at all in such period. In addition, the number of dissolved oxygen sharply falls in warm water and, therefore, very often it is in such a heat fish gasping for breath.

Somewhere between insects and fish are located warm-blooded animals. They have all the mechanisms, physiological, biochemical for regulation of body temperature, but these body systems at the peak of load work on the verge of their capabilities. Therefore, their activity is minimal and shifted on the night time. The quality of feed for animals is also changed.

Also, animals and birds migrate into the mountains currently. There is also hot, but it is much colder at night. 

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