Yesterday, on Sobranetska street, an accident occurred. The culprit of the accident is wanted

Yesterday, around 16:30, Uzhgorod patrol police received a report about an accident on Sobranetska street.

Arriving on the scene, policemen saw two cars – participants of the accident: a VAZ 21099 and a Skoda Octavia Tour.

According to preliminary version, the VAZ driver made a mistake when starting moving and instead of the first gear turned on "reverse" gear. As a result, his car hit the Skoda. Fortunately, nobody was injuried.

After the accident, the driver of the VAZ left the passengers in the car and under a pretext of a telephone conversation fled from the scene in an unknown direction.

The passengers could not tell patrol policemen the name or the address of the perpetrator of the accident, because they knew him only by nickname.

The policemen made a chart of the accident and recorded explanations of witnesses. The car was evacuated to the inpound lot. The search for the missing driver continues.

Dear citizens, if you have any information about the accident, call 102.


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