Will they fight the cow parsnip in Transcarpathia?

uzhgorod.in has repeatedly wrote about the problem of the cow parsnip, particularly appealed to Uzhgorod City Council and about the fight against this "disaster" in Irshava.

And now, according to the press service of the regional council, this week the chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Ivan Baloha sent a letter to the heads of district, city, town and village councils, which focuses on the need for destruction of the cow parsnip and allocation of appropriate funds for these works from local budgets.

"July is the peak of flowering of the very dangerous for both human and natural environment plant – cow parsnip. Deliberately introduced to the Carpathians few decades ago, it quickly began to spread, especially along river beds, and now has become a real scourge for our mountain region.      

The biggest problem is that by spreading in all areas the cow parsnip began to displace natural flora. This species prevents the growth of almost all other plants and completely replaces the Transcarpathian species – those that have grown here for thousands of years. By increasing its own enormous biomass, the cow parsnip completely drains the soil.

Also, it is dangerous to human health, as, when contacting with skin, it causes severe burns.

The only way to combat this aggressive plant is regular mowing and uprooting of the cow parsnip.

Given the above, I request you to take personal control and organize the destruction of the cow parsnip, by allocating the necessary funds from the local budget," – the letter to the chairman of the Regional Council states.

Let’s hope, that officials will react to the request and take the necessary measures.

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