What, where, when on the weekend in Transcarpathia (March 7-9)

March 7 – The Way of the Cross for youth. The beginning is at 17.00 (Greek Catholic Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the village of Dorobratovo, Irshava district).

March 7 – Varosh Talks 7: Volunteer Serhiy Prytula (hosted by Varosh). Moderator – journalist Vitaliy Glagola. The beginning is at 14.00 (Panorama Lounge, Leo Tolstoy St., 5, Uzhgorod).

March 7 – A new program of the show "Varyaty" with Serhyy Pritula. At 17.30 – an additional concert, at 20.00 – the main concert (ticket price is 310 UAH or more) (Transcarpathian Music and Drama Theater, Tolstoy Street, Uzhgorod).

March 7 – Concert "The Legend of Love" by the LUMOS ORCHESTRA Symphony Orchestra. The beginning is at 19.00 (Drama Theater, Mukachevo).

March 7 – Master classes from guitarist Michael Vigula from Hungary for students organized by the Charity Fund "Hope of the 21st Century". For music teachers, the musician will deliver a lecture on "The latest guitar techniques for performing works in ethnic style". The beginning is at 12.00 (Great Hall, Uzhgorod Children’s School of Arts, Uzhgorod).

March 7 – Poetry hour and thematic shelf "His poetry is forever in our hearts", dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the publication of the first lifetime collection of poetry by TG Shevchenko. The beginning is at 14.00 (library branch of the village of Pavshino, Mukachevo district).

March 7 – Open tour "The Lord of the Castle" organized by the Mukachevo TourInfoCenter. Concert "Men to Women". The beginning is at 18.00 (registration required) (Mukachevo History Museum).

March 7 – Creative course for children "Interior decor and creative gifts" by "Cactus Bro" This time there will be live succulents and you will be taught to make wonderful "warm pots" of felt (registration, payment required). The beginning is at 10.00 (banquet hall, Cactus Pub, Korzo St., 7, Uzhgorod).

March 7 – Interagency skiing competitions with the participation of Transcarpathian policemen, Chop and Mukachevo border guards and other agencies (Krasiya, Vyshka, Velyky Berezny district).

March 7 – 8 – The festive handmade fair from the Movement to Support Transcarpathian Soldiers, which started on March 6. March 7 – 10.00-19.00, March 8 – 10.00-15.30 (Teatralna Square, Uzhgorod).

March 7 – 8 – The 17th traditional International Wine Festival, which started yesterday (Koshut Square, Beregovo).

March 7 – 15 – Circus. March 7, 8, 14, 15 – 14.00 and 17.00, March 13 – 18.00 (for children under 7 – free of charge) (Bozdosh Park, Uzhgorod).

March 8 – International Day for Women Rights and Peace in Uzhgorod. March 8th is not just Women’s Day, it’s the Day of Women’s Rights. The organizers invite women’s and human rights NGOs, representatives of state authorities, local self-government, political parties, and all women to take part in the action. Men who care about women’s rights as part of human rights are also invited. The beginning is at 12.00 (Teatralna Square, Uzhgorod).

March 8 – Concert "The Legend of Love" by the LUMOS ORCHESTRA Symphony Orchestra. The beginning is at 18.00 (ticket price is 120 UAH or more) (Transcarpathian Academic Ukrainian Regional Musical and Drama Theater named after the Sherehiy Brothers, Uzhgorod).

March 8 – Musical performance without intermission "Natalka Poltavka" by I. Kotlyarevsky, music by M. Lysenko (director – Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine S. Arkhipchuk). The beginning is at 17.00 (Transcarpathian Drama and Comedy Theater, Khust).

March 8 – Workshop "Warm Spring. Watercolor" by Fedor design art atudio. Oleksiy Fedor will teach to paint watercolor spring flowers. All necessary supplies will be provided by the studio (duration – 2 hours, price – 200 UAH). The beginning is at 13.00 (Novak st., 16, 2nd floor, Uzhgorod).

March 8 – Children’s performance of Mukachevo Drama Theater "Kai and Gerda". The beginning is at 12. Evening performance "Happy Birthday, Henrich!" The beginning is at 17.00 (Drama Theater, Mukachevo).

March 8 – Concert program on the occasion of March 8. Concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra (leader – People’s Artist of Ukraine V. Spivak). The program features romantic songs by contemporary composers. The beginning is at at 16.00 (tickets are available at the box office) (Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic, Uzhgorod).

March 8 – All Women are Witches. "Fairy" Agatha will tell fortune with runes or tarot cards. The beginning is at 19.00 (entrance fee is 100 UAH) (Pub "Black Sun", Sobranetska St., 146a, Uzhgorod).

March 8 – Performance for children of preschool and school age "In our paradise on Earth…" by T. Shevchenko. The beginning is at 11.00 and at 13.00 (Transcarpathian Academic Puppet Theater "Bavka", Uzhgorod).

March 8 – Skiing holiday for girls and women ("Krasiya", the village of Vyshka, Velyky Berezny district).

March 9 – 206th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko. The Transcarpathian Music and Drama Theater will present the premiere of the play "My thoughts…" (director – People’s Artist of Ukraine A. Filippov). The beginning is at 18.00 (tickets are available at the box office) (Transcarpathian Academic Ukrainian Regional Musical and Drama Theater named after the Sherehiy Brothers, Uzhgorod).

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