What are the prices of vegetables in supermarkets and markets of Uzhgorod?

What are the prices for food? Where is shopping cheaper and where is it safer?

Journalists of the Uzhgorod.net.ua decided to review the prices of some vegetables in the market and in the supermarket. They chose the ones where the prices are average: Drunk market and Silpo. Plenty of goods – no customers. This is a sad situation for those who grow vegetables for sale in the markets. Prices in the market and in the Silpo differ markedly. But choosing where to buy food is a personal matter. There are pros and cons: it is cheaper at the market, but you can not pay with a card (and avoiding contact with cash is an important safety measure). Markets do not work every day and as long as supermarkets. Usually markets are located on the streets, not indoors. So, the supermarkets are cleaner. However, there is another side to the coin: buying in the market, you support fellow citizens who have no other opportunity to make money.

Certain items are cheaper in the market, others are cheaper in the Silpo. Some food available on the market will not be found in the supermarket and vice versa. Here are the prices for you to compare: Cabbage: 30 hryvnias in the market, 7.40 – in the supermarket; Cucumbers: in the market – 25, in the supermarket – 45; Tomatoes: in the market – 40-42, in the supermarket prices range from 60 and more; Potatoes: in the supermarket – 13.60 and more; Carrots: 4.74 in the supermarket; Mushrooms: in the supermarket – 50 hryvnias; New onions: in the market – 6 hryvnias; Yellow onions: in the supermarket – 19.90; Radishes: in the market – 4-5 hryvnias for a bunch; Eggs: in the supermarket – 1.29; Lemon: 86 hryvnias in the supermarket; Ginger: 234 hryvnias in the supermarket.


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