Water utility will receive financing

At today’s meeting of the executive committee, they considered the financial state of the city Vodokanal.

The director of the municipal economy department Oleksiy Kasperov reported that since the beginning of the year, the enterprise had received 8 million 119 thousand hryvnias, while the costs were 11 million.

The amounts receivable are equal to 32 million 298 thousand hryvnias, accounts payable – 22 million hryvnias. The tax debt of the company exceeds 10 million.

Therefore, the draft decision of the Executive Committee proposes to increase the statutory capital by 8 million 328 thousand hryvnias.

The First Deputy Mayor Vitaly Semal said that it was the only way to help the company out of crisis. The Head of Financial Department of the City Council, the Deputy Mayor Petro Tsarevych said that it was possible to raise funds by reallocating money from other programs.

The poposal to allocate the money to water utility was raised because there was a significant response of the prosecution to the tax debt of the company.

The Executive Committee voted to support the draft decision and put it out for consideration at the city council session, to be held July 26.

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