Vyacheslav Grozny: “Goverla” is not ready to suffer the same fate as “Volyn”

The head coach of Uzhgorod "Goverla" Vyacheslav Grozny told about the financial state of the club

– "Goverla" is not ready to suffer the same fate as "Volyn." We will do everything to keep the team in the Premier League. Our debt is ten times less than that of some other teams, and those teams register players and they do not have points taken off of them, but we and "Volyn" have problem. To my knowledge, wages not just will be paid but are already being paid to those who signed contracts this season.

I would like to see wages to be paid to the coaching staff and the club administration. I am sure that the players, who have joined "Goverla" in this season, will be paid every penny. I would like, of course, the same to go to all the other players – Sportarena.com quoted Grozny.


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