Vodafone decided to contribute to the popularization of Uzhgorod tourist routes

An innovative interactive tourist route will be presented in Uzhgorod, the page of Uzhgorod city council on Facebook informs.

This was discussed today during the meeting of the Mayor Bogdan Andriyiv and representatives of the mobile operator Vodafone. The project is being implemented within the concept Ukraine4all together with local authorities, it aims to promote unique and interesting historical cities of our country through the use of modern information technology. 
It is expected that using high speed mobile internet connection, tourists and the city residents will be able to promptly receive all necessary information. Representatives of the Vodafone suggest to create a tourist hiking route that will include the most interesting sights of the city and everyone will be able to download it to their smartphone or tablet.
In practice, this involves placing of stone plates with the QR-Code at the locations on the route. A free and convenient scanning software is loaded to a smartphone or a tablet and when you point a smartphone at the sign plate, you immediately get all the information – the map of Uzhgorod, description sights, audio, photo and video content. 
Read more about current opportunities at http://rada-uzhgorod.gov.ua/v-uzhgorodi-prezentuyut-innova…/

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