Village of Storozhnytsia Council in Uzhgorod district was robbed

The regular part of Uzhgorod district police department received information from the village of Strozhytsia council head Vasyl Sika on June 22 at 8.05, that on the night of Friday, an unknown person, by means of  removing the window glass of the session hall penetrated into the village council building and by damaging the door to the head’s office penetrated inside, where a metal safe was stolen, in which there were documentation and official seal of the village council, and system block and two monitors were stolen as well.

Police went at the scene immediately. The fact of safe stealing with documentation and seal is not confirmed. Instead, it was revealed that unknown person from the premises of the village council stole: TV tuner, system block, two monitors, a projector, two keyboard and wireless communication modem. 22 fingerprints, 4 signs of shoes and metal scrap were removed. The amount of damage caused is being established.

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