Uzhgorodians protest against the destruction of their city!

On Monday, June 26, 2017, at 13:00, near the building of Uzhgorod city council on Poshtova Square, on the initiative of the NGO "Transarpathian community", there will be a protest action against the destruction of architectural monuments of the regional center of Transcarpathia.

The demolition of the legendary Fundanych store with the only pre-war sign in the city outraged every concerned resident of Uzhgorod. The event will be held within the Days of public culture.

"What you need to have: the courage to go to the office of the mayor, the tenacity to defend your position, and an envelope with a stamp for information requests and appeals. It will not be a classic rally with a host, we invite everyone, who will come, to participate in discussion and consolidation of further efforts," – the organizers wrote.

Recall that on Sunday, June 25, active Uzhgorodians are invited to express their protest against the destruction of historical heritage. The meeting is at the destroyed Fundanych house (Voloshin st., 47) at 13.00.

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