Uzhgorod veterans are preparing to print the Book of Memory

Uzhgorod City Council of Veterans of Ukraine are preparing the Book of Memory about people who defended the people of the world from the Nazi invasion during the Great Patriotic War, those who voluntarily, by the call of the heart and patriotic duty joined the army, the guerrilla groups, liberation movement, and who with their selfless work at the home front ensured the victory, who were driven to the German slavery during the war, survived the horrors of concentration camps and Jewish ghettos, lived on the occupied territories, those whose childhood was burnt by fire of a terrible war, and also about those who were missed in action.

The Head of Uzhgorod City Organization of Veterans KULNYEV V.M. asks all participants and witnesses of the great and terrible war to share their memories, and all those, whose relatives or friends were killed in 1941-1945 or died already in the postwar period, to send their stories, memories of those people, of their lives during the war.

Materials for the Book of Memory can be delivered directly to the City Council of Veterans at:

  Uzhgorod, Pravoslavna embankment, 20, Veterans Council – marked as "for the Book of Memory."

Materials are accepted untill November 1, 2014, in printed or manuscript form. 


Source: 7 dniv.

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