Uzhgorod University opens the Bohemistics department

n the new academic year, at the Uzhgorod National University department of Slovak Studies the new specialty for students – "Czech language and literature" – will be introduced.

Until now, Czech language in UzhNU has been taught at several specialties – the department of tourism, international relations and for Slovak studies students. Now, the Czech language will be taught as the main language for Bohemistics students. 

The Head of the Department of Slovak Philology, Professor Svitlana Pakhomova said that opening of Bohemistics department in Transcarpathia is long overdue. Every year we have 80,000 tourists from the Czech Republic, Transcarpathian region cooperates with the Czech Vysocina region, and Uzhgorod – with Jihlava. From September, a lecturer of Czech language and literature from Prague Renata Zhilakova has been already working in UzhNU.

Source – Varosh

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