Uzhgorod roads, which were damaged over the winter, are being repaired (PHOTOS)

Uzhgorod city council reported that today in Uzhgorod, they have started repair of the pavement where, due to very heavy traffic, potholes formed during the winter.

They began working on the Masaryk bridge (near the "Uzhgorod" hotel), Druzhby Narodiv Square, then will move to Svoboda Avenue, to the train station. Next week, if the weather permits, they will continue on other streets.
According to the head of the MU "KSHEP" Ivan Dovbak, they are using cold asphalt for pit repairs. Workers sweep remnants of the old asphalt and debris out of potholes, then put cold asphalt there.
The other day, on 8 Bereznya and Lehotsky streets, utility workers, in order to protect cars against damage, temporarily closed the pits that formed on the roadway.


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