Uzhgorod residents will see what Petofi Square will look like “soon” – Andriyiv

When will the repair of Petofi Square take place?

This was one of the questions to the mayor. At his press conference, Uzhgorod Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv reported: the reconstruction project is under the examination. This concerns primarily utilities (from sewage to communication), and they are waiting for the conclusion to start the active phase of work.

Andriyiv said: the square will be paved not with asphalt, but with cobblestones – those that Mukachivska street was once paved with. As for the duration, the mayor said: "We expect to complete it in a month, but I don’t want to say exact time and then be wrong." As for the look of the square and when the project will be available to the public, the mayor said: "The project is under examination, we will show it to you soon."

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