Uzhgorod residents are proposed to deal with the tragic daredevils alone

Residents of Uzhhorod 16-storeyed building appealed to the city authorities to block free access to the balconies on all floors of stair flights. A series of tragedies that have occurred in recent years led to this step.

Recently, Uzhgorod residents received the answer signed by the First Deputy Mayor of Uzhgorod V. Semal, that may be briefly defined as "your problem is … your problem, " informs Rio
In particular, any reconstruction the official finds impossible because it would be "a direct violation of state building standards in terms of explosion and fire hazard." 
However, he advised "in order to prevent possible cases of suicide attempts from any open areas (balconies, stairs, roof) to block direct access of unauthorized persons to the house" equipping the front door with code-lock and audio-video systems at their own expense. 

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