Uzhgorod regatta: in addition to fun and prizes – 10 thousand hryvnia bet? (Announcement)

The regional center of Transcarpathia calls on all local "sailors"!

The annual "Uzhgorod Regatta" will take place on July 29 in Uzhgorod. Are you already preparing the ships? – the organizers ask.

So, you, experienced or future "seafarers", are officially invited:

"We invite to participate any non-motorized vessels: inflatable boats, kayaks, floats, homemade crafts, etc. Interesting decor and original costumes are welcomed.

Following the Regatta, winners in the following categories will be awarded:

"The Flying Dutchman" (the fastest ship)

"Jolly Roger" (the most original ship)

"Black Cuttlefish" (the fastest ship among the homemade ones)

"Noah’s Ark" (the largest crew)

All participants of the Regatta will receive memorable souvenirs, and the winners will receive good prizes from our partners.

By the way, after the last year’s Regatta, the tourist rafting club "All together down the Tisa" challenged all the contenders for the victory in the nomination "Flying Dutchman" and bet 10,000 UAH.  

To participate in the Regatta, you need to sign up:".

Nobody promises seven feet under the keel, but excitement and fun times are guaranteed!

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