Uzhgorod market “Bilochka” is being demolished (PHOTOS)

As we wrote, the owner of the "Bilochka" market, Serhiy Ratushniak, intends to close it and build a trading center there. And today, they began to demolish the first rows of trading stalls, the Prozak reported.

Some of the stalls are made fairly well. There were a lot of rubbish and dirt under some of them.

According to some traders, nobody expected that demolition would start so soon, because not all of them have managed to find places in other markets. The vendors say that most of them intend to move to the market at Mynaiska st., 16. They also said that Ratushniak decided to demolish only the back rows of the market, while other traders still have the opportunity to keep trading until the end of the year.


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