Uzhgorod invites to the installation of the first solar bench

Solar bench. Uzhgorod 
We are happy to invite you to the installation of the first solar bench in Uzhgorod! 
After a long intrigue, we are revealing the location: Nezalezhnist Embankment, opposite the "Lviv Chocolate Workshop". 
When? September 2, 14:00 
This is a truly significant event for our city. This is another step towards the development of our culture and environmental awareness.  
Alternative energy sources are our future! And it is in your hands. 
The project "Solar bench – An Example of the Effects of Alternative Energy" is being implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the project "Accelerator of Important Ideas" by the NGO "Smart Point Uzhgorod". 
Green Varosh 

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