Uzhgorod cyclists presented their activities at the “City Workshop” (PHOTOS)

Yesterday, on the second day of the "City Workshop", the association of cyclists "Uzhgorod Bicycle Culture" presented their activities to the public, – Uzhgorod city council informs.

Fans of cycling regularly gather and travel in the mountain areas of Transcarpathia and Uzhgorod, in particular. The representative of the association Yevhen Andrikanych told about the trips and the problems encountered when traveling. They showed videos and encouraged to popularize cycling, which not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but is also safe for the environment unlike cars.

The association of cyclists "Uzhgorod Bicycle Culture" was founded in early July last year. On weekdays, the cyclists gather after work on Teatralna Square and make short trips to keep themselves fit before longer rides, which usually start on Saturday and Sunday.

Representatives of the "Uzhgorod Bicycle Culture" in the future want to create a wide-spread movement in Uzhgorod, which will affect the development of the cycling infrastructute in the city. 

As noted by Yevhen Andrikanych, Uzhgorod needs bicycles, because there are too many cars in the city. Therefore, representatives of the association promote healthy lifestyle and encourage to save the environment.


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