Uzhgorod cyclists ask to hear them (PHOTOS)

The city council of Uzhgorod today published the project for the reconstruction of Nezalezhnist embankment in Uzhgorod. However, the community already has questions about the proposed innovations. The cycling community have doubts about the planned way to pave the cycling paths on the embankment:


It is close to the exits from the pedestrian area (red arrows), that is, people, leaving it, immediately end up on the bicycle path, which can lead to injuries.


There is always something falling from the trees: leaves, branches, seeds, etc. Which will create additional inconveniences when riding on the path.


Probably, there will be drainage systems in this area, and they should be quite large because of the trees. Which will create additional inconveniences when riding on the bicycle path".

The authors of the post also made their suggestions:

"We suggest to move the bicycle pathes closer to the center, it solves all of the above problems.

We expect that the authorities will hear us, and there will be a meeting for discussion!"


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