Uzhgorod City Council Executive Committee was held without journalists

Today, on August 1, a meeting of Uzhgorod City Council Executive Committee was held without participation of journalists. Despite the fact that another scandal with the Executive Service is raging in the city, nobody bothered to inform the media about it.

We must say that there is a message about the agenda on the site of Uzhgorod City Council, but it appeared just last night. Probably, the City Council believes that all journalists do nothing but monitor their official website till late night in order not to accidentally miss the message about the Executive Committee meeting.

It might be another case of negligence – they might have forgotten to inform journalists, they also might have decided that this was a regular meeting and journalists should remember without reminding, or they “forgot” because in addition to everyday problems the meeting was aimed to consider some kind of scandalous matters, the publicity of which the City Council would like to avoid. If so, then we can only rejoice at the current government acting as the previous one, which used to convene to the session only the deputies, and Executive Committees weren’t even mentioned. Or, we may congratulate the Mayor of Uzhgorod, who succeeded in creating one more row in the background of numerous scandals.

However, the city mayor speaker is convinced that unfortunate misunderstanding will not be repeated in the future.

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