Ukraine is among ten countries with the worst roads

Ukraine ranked 137 out of 144 in the world rating of road quality. As noted in the report on global competitiveness, prepared by experts of the World Economic Forum, the quality of Ukrainian roads had been rated at 2.3 out of 5 points, informed the "Mirror Weekly".

The best roads are in France, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore (all received 6.5 points). Portugal, Oman, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong, Finland and Germany also hit the top ten.

The worst roads, according to international experts, are in Moldova – their quality has been rated at 1.5 points. Several other European countries are also at the bottom of the list, including Poland (2.6 points), Bulgaria (2.5 points) and Romania (1.9 points). Among CIS countries, in addition to Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan (2.5 points) and Russia (also 2.3 points) also made it in the list of the countries with the worst roads.

Ukraine is preceded by Kazakhstan, which took 117th place with 2.7 points, Tajikistan (98th place, 3.2 points) and Azerbaijan (67th place, 4.0).

Earlier it was reported that currently "Ukravtodor" is actively repairing roads. According to the company, as of February 24, 85% of basic public roads of national significance have been patched.

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