Trends in the foreign economic activity of Transcarpathia for 10 months in 2013

In January-October 2013, entrepreneurs have carried out export-import operations with goods worth over 20 billion hryvnias. These operations were carried out by 66% of the total number of foreign economic operators registered at the Chop customs as of November 1, 2013. As required by the order of the Ministry of Finance dd. May 30, 2012 № 634, 2,168 persons engaged in real goods operations are registered.

Within 10 months of 2013, employees of the Chop customs have issued nearly 83,000 customs declarations.

Analyzing export-import operations carried out by foreign economic operators since the beginning of the year by countries bordering to Transcarpathian region, Hungary is a major trading partner of Ukraine in the area of the Chop customs – the proportion of foreign trade operations with this country is 42% for exports and 56% for imports.

"Business in Ukraine now spend less time on export-import operations, according to the study published by the World Bank. Its experts have noted the improvement of customs administration in Ukraine after the introduction of the new Customs Code. The study indicated that Ukraine has made international trade easier by reducing the number of reviews and the time of customs clearance. In particular, the duration of customs clearance of cargo exports under customs declarations reduced to 45 min., of imports – to 90 minutes." – Serhiy Kharchenko – the Head of the Chop customs said.

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