Transcarpathian volunteers launch a new initiative: sales of “second-hand” clothes for the needs of soldiers in the ATO

The initiative, which soon will be launched in one of Uzhgorod second-hand shops, has a "code name" "What does a soldier need a dress for?". Volunteers ask to print out and spread among people the leaflets designed to promote the campaign and to disseminate the information about it.

Tireless Transcarpathian volunteers are launching a new creative campaign for military personnel. Now it will be the sale of clothes: with the support of one of the second-hand shops, they will be selling second-hand clothes, and the proceeds will be used for the needs of soldiers in the ATO.

So Transcarpathians can bring the clothes that they do not need anymore to the store "SISSY stock and second". The clothes must be in a good condition. 

The price for a product will be paid not be to the seller, but to the designated labeled boxes of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers.



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