Transcarpathian foresters set 9 barriers to close Perechyn district forests

The fire hazard period in Transcarpathian region continues.

State Forest Protection workers of the State Enterprise "Perechyn Forestry" once again urge citizens to adhere to the rules of fire safety in the forest and are taking measures to prevent the occurrence and spread of fires in the forest.

During the first half of 2018, the forest protection of the enterprise carried out 18 raids on the territory of the forest to identify violators of the rules of fire safety, resulting in 9 reports on administrative violations. 2 lectures on compliance with the rules of fire safety in the forests of Ukraine were conducted for the public. The warning signs on fire safety on the territory of the forest have been updated.

One of the effective methods of firefighting is mineralized strips – artificially created fire barriers made by clearing a certain area of ​​the territory adjoining to the forest from combustible materials. In six months of the current year, the forestry has built 3 km of new mineral strips and performed maintenance 4 km of existing ones.

Also, to prevent fires in the forest, the roads on the territory of the forest fund were blocked with 9 barriers, the Transcarpathian Regional Forestry and Hunting Range Administration informed.

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