Transcarpathian customs officers confiscated tons of contraband (PHOTOS)

Illegal import of food at the customs post "Tisa". The goods were carried by citizens of Ukraine returning from Italy. 
According to the Transcarpathian Customs Office of the State Customs Service, 1 ton of food was seized.
On February 22, customs officers prevented three attempts of illegal food import at the customs post "Tisa".
In two cases the citizens chose the "green corridor" for border crossing.
“However, during customs inspections, customs officers found inside vehicles 645 kg of meat products (606 packages) and 276 kg of cheese (630 packages). In the third case, the citizen chose the "red corridor" to cross the border. During the customs inspection, undeclared 34 kg of canned tuna (250 pcs) were found in the luggage compartment. According to the customs legislation, citizens are not allowed to import such goods for free circulation,” – the report reads.
Reports on violation of customs rules under Art. 471 and 472 of the CCU were drawn up over the incidents. The goods which are within permitted amounts (not more than one package or with a total weight up to 2 kilograms of each item per person) were allowed to carry across the border, the rest were seized. The cases will be brought to court.


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