Transcarpathian customs officers confiscated “extra” currency on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border (PHOTOS)

At the customs post "Tisa", Transcarpathian customs officers prevented an attempt to illegally import currency – almost 20 thousand pounds. A Polish citizen was returning from England in a car Mercedes-Sprinter across the Ukrainian-Hungarian border and was driving to Ternopil. During the customs and border control he showed a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

He verbally assured the customs that he was carrying only 9,000 pounds. He said he did not have other items that are subject to mandatory declaration and require the necessary supporting documents. But customs officers asked to show a small sports bag laid on the front passenger seat. It turned out that it contained much more than the stated amount – 18,700 pounds, which exceeds the amount of currency allowed to be freely carried across the border. A report on violation of customs rules under Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine was drawn up over this incident. The amount allowed for import was returned to the citizen, the remaining 9,700 was confiscated.

Press service of the Transcarpathian customs




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