Transcarpathia will be overwhelmed with sleet and snow

Our region celebrated Christmas and New Year without snow, but the weather seems to have decided to compensate for it. 
Thus, the head of the meteorological forecasts department of the Transcarpathian HMC Andriy Zolotaryov said that our region at the weekend would be in the thrall of snow and severe ice. Specifically, on January 11 throughout the region it will be cloudy, there will be sleet. On the plains the daytime temperature will be +1 – -4 ° C, at night it will drop to -2 – -7 ° C. In the mountains on that day the temperature will be 3-8 ° C below zero. January 12 there will be odd snow, but the temperature will significantly drop, also icy conditions will remain on the roads. During the day in low-lying areas – from -1 to -10 ° C, in the highlands during the day -6 -11, at night as much as -12 -17 ° C. On January 13, precipitation will temporarily cease, but the cold will remain. Even on the plains the temperature at night will drop to -14 ° C, although during the day it will be relatively warm – -1-6 ° C. January 14, it will snow again across the region. However, it will be warmer: on the plains during the day – from +2 to -3 ° C. At night – from -5 to -10 ° C. In the mountains it will be a little more comfortable too – about -1-6 ° C in the daytime, but at night the temperature will be -12-17 ° C. On January 15 forecasters predict snow and sleet. It will stop the next day. The temperature will be even higher – up to +4 ° C in some low-lying areas. At night the temperature will be 0, and in the mountains during these two days they forecast -1-6 ° C during the day, and at night -6-11 ° C.

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