Tourism is the priority of Beregovo district development – the Governor

On Monday, June 10, there was the meeting between the Head of the RSA Oleksandr Ledyda with the newly elected mayor Zoltan Babyak and the Chairman of Beregovo District Council Yuri Knoblokh. First, the head of the region congratulated new managers on the appointment to such responsible positions. Also Oleksandr Ledyda assured that Beregovo district and the city in particular will have full support from the regional authorities in the development of infrastructure, establishment of touristic relations, etc.:
  – Now, a strong young team has come to power in Beregovo district. I am sure you will perform your duties responsibly. For my part, I want to say that Beregovo is, of course, a European city. You need to maintain and increase its development in this direction. I’m talking, in particular, about the tourist vector of development of the city and the district. I assure, the regional authorities will support you in this area, – the head of RSA said.
  – We already are actively working to build links both within the City Council (the new Executive Committee is to be formed soon) and on cooperation with local authorities and district authorities. Beregovo is a city of extraordinary history and, I am sure, with the promising future – Zoltan Babyak said.
Source – Press center of the RSA


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