To rescue her son from ‘jail’, an Uzhhorod pensioner gave 2000 to a deceiver

A telephone deceiver called pretended to be a police officer and told that her son was detained for committig a crime. The trustful mother gave away everything she had…

A 78 year old resident of Uzhhorod became the victim of a classical fraud.

An unkown man called the pensioner in the evening. He pretended to be a police officer. The pseudo-policeman said that the woman’s son had been detained for committing a crime. She had to pay 2000 dollars for releasing him.

It is interesting to note that the man told to give the money to the taxist who will arrive soon. Such frauds are usually conducted through banks. This means that the deceiver has an accomplice in Uzhhorod.

The trustful mother gave 2000 dollars to a taxi driver of an unkown service to ‘save’ her son from getting to jail. Because of her old age, she did not even recognised the brand of the car…

She addressed the police. Now, the criminal is wanted. They warn Transcarpathians not for the first time: Do not trust the deceivers, no matter what stories they make up and who they pretend to be. Do not give money to anyone. Dial your relative who is said to be in danger and 102 immediately.

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