Those who did not let down: mechanic Pasha Vorobets and gunner Yuriy Dzyadek

On his page, Oleg Vysochan shares stories about soldiers of the 128th brigade:

"I’ll tell about these two friends in one post. These are mechanic Pasha Vorobets and gunner Yuriy Dzyadek ("Compact") – they were like a single organism. These two kicked some enemy’s ass… No, not two.

There was also their APC – so a trio)   Sometimes other crews would bring them vehicles to repair like in a garage) In the cold, under fire, between battles… How did they manage to repair them?

And also, they always had a stock of firewood, which they gladly shared. Guys, I have not forgotten, I owe you a beer.

These guys were fighting in Olkhovatka, Novoorlivka, Debaltseve, Stanytsia Luhanska.


How many lives were saved by this crew? Many! How many vehicles did they repair? Quite a lot! I will tell just one thing – they are a BADASS CREW!
Pasha Vorobets and Yuriy Dzyadek do not have awards, but they are Heroes!"

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