They plan to increase the number of kindergartens in the region, but what about the city?

The parent group of the kindergarten № 30 appealed to our site with a cry for help.

According to the authors of the letter, for almost a week the kindergarten number 30 have not accepted applications for the admission of new children. The official reason is the lack of the document on prolongation of the lease of the premises that are not in municipal ownership. Thus, the authors claim, they are trying to artificially close the facility which will create the conditions for the sale of the kindergarten area, which is still owned by the city.

It refers to one of the three existing kindergartens on Sobranetska street. "By the way, two neighboring kindergartens for several years have been filled by almost 40% above the approved standards. Today, the kindergarten number 30 has sufficient technical and material inventory, ordered surrounding area with playgrounds and possibly the only operating open swimming pool. Parents of children, who still go to the kindergarten, fear of forced transfer of their children to other kindergartens, which may be located at a greater distance from the place of residence" – the letter states.

The parent group of the kindergarten number 30 ask the regional authorities "to intervene in this situation and tell city officials about the importance of preservation of already insufficient
number of pre-schools."

Recall: just this week, the governor reported on the preschool education in Transcarpathia at the all-Ukrainian conference call.

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