The state “owes” about 400 million to “Tysa” flood program

Since 2007, underfunding of integrated program for flood protection in the Tysa River Basin in Transcarpathian region has reached about 400 million, said head of the Waterworks Facilities Construction Administration Rostislav Fediv.

Because of this Administration still can not take up the construction of the most expensive objects – polders and flood control reservoirs in the mountains, although according to the program these works should have started back in 2008. Each object costs about 100 million. 

The budget for 2012 provides 100 million for the flood program, although according to the plan it had to be 250 million. Moreover, the funds are allocated so that 60 million will be received in November and December, when the weather conditions can hinder construction work, and 20 million is a debt that should be paid for works performed in 2011.

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