The result of cooperation with colleagues from foreign countries

9 cases of violation of customs regulations at UAH 1.8 million are the result of the collaboration with colleagues from foreign states  
Thus, for 6 months of 2020, employees of the department for the prevention and combating smuggling and violation of customs regulations have sent the customs authorities of foreign states dozens of requests to identify possible customs offenses. According to the results of the received answers, 9 cases of customs rules violation for the total amount of UAH 1,876,480 have been opened. 
For example, 5 cases of violation of customs rules were initiated based on the responses of the customs authorities of Slovakia and Hungary. 
And the response sent by the German customs authorities on the import of a foreign car "Skoda Superb" gave grounds for Transcarpathian customs officers to initiate a case of customs rules violation against a citizen of Ukraine on the grounds of an offense under Part 1 of Art. 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. The car, worth almost UAH 360,000 was confiscated. 
A similar fact was confirmed by customs officers from the Republic of Lithuania regarding the import of a foreign car of the same model. As a result, the Skoda Superb worth UAH 184,000 was confiscated. 
Based on the response of the customs authorities of the Czech Republic regarding the import of an SUV "PORSCHE CAYENNE S DIESEL", a report on violation of customs rules was drawn up against our compatriot over the offense provided by Part 1 of Art. 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. The value of the car is almost UAH 957 thousand. 
Based on the results of the answers received from a foreign notary, the fact of forgery of the power of attorney, which was submitted as confirmation of the right to move the vehicle "RENAULT CLIOTHALIA" registered in Slovakia across the customs border, was confirmed. A case of violation of customs rules on the grounds of Part 1 of  Art. 483 of the Customs code of Ukraine was opened and the car was confiscated. 
Press Service of the Transcarpathian Customs

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