The organization of the expedition to protect the Tisa is relevant!

"The historical aspect and the current realities of nature management in the basin of the Tisa River" is the theme of the round table meeting. The event was held as part of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the International Scientific Expedition "Timber floating "Tisa – 2003". The unique ecological and educational expedition was held to draw attention to the history of timber floating in the Carpathians and explore the riverbeds. In ancient times, from May to September, timber was transported by special rafts for about 640 kilometers. In 1954, this profession became unnecessary. In 2003, members of the expedition decided to go down this route once again. The most difficult task was to find a master to make a raft. It was made by a master from Kolochava. The mission of the expedition was to collect data on the state of soils, channels, and other in relation to the Carpathian rivers. A documentary was also filmed. This film then attracted a lot of attention to the recreational potential and ecology of Transcarpathia. Today, the restoration of the timber floating museum is supported by the state’s leadership. A tender has been conducted, the contractor has already begun working. About UAH 50 million has been allocated from the state fund to restore this facility. As for the current state of the Tisa, it’s not so good. A number of treatment facilities were destroyed during the flood. Monitoring equipment is outdated or missing. Therefore, the organization of a new expedition, this time for the protection of the Tisa, is relevant.

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