The oldest tractor of Beregovo district will soon turn 70

Near the most famous entertainment complex in the city, there is a building, which in Soviet times was the administrative building of the association "Silhosptekhnika" (later – "Silhospkhimiya", and in the first days of Ukrainian independence, the tax office was located there). Now, there is not a single trace of the big company. As well as of the monument that symbolized it. And once, there was an old tractor on the podium, which was very lucky – it was not cut for scrap, and now it stands in front of the famous in Transcarpathia and beyond "Beregvidek Wine House", in the center of the village of Yanoshi (see Yanoshi and Balazher – tourist suburbs of Beregoco). 

We learned the history of the tractor from the Soviet guidebook "Beregovo" (1983). The article about the achievements of Soviet Beregovo district stated as follows: "An old tractor "Universal" stands on the ground in front of the administrative building on a granite pedestal.

This is the first tractor, which appeared in the fields of the district after the liberation of Transcarpathia by the Soviet Army. This old tractor "Universal", which now looks like a dwarf next to modern machines and mechanisms, is dear to the heart of every agricultural worker. After all, in 1947, it made the first furrow in the Lenin collective farm in the village of Beregy, which was the first farm of the new type in Beregovo district." 

Despite the typical Soviet pathos of this article, one can agree with its main idea – this tractor is really dear to people, and not just to those, who are nostalgic for the Soviet era, but to machine enthusiasts, lovers of history.   

In total, 211,500 tractors of this brand were released. The German page adds: some "Universals" are still preserved in museums or as monuments, one copy is in Germany.

The old "Universal", which was moved from the pedestal (now destroyed) to the "Wine House", is a worthy example of the history of technology, and deserves attention and respect, especially since it turns 70 next year.  

Oleg Suprunenko, Beregovo.Today

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