The Narcissus Valley is preparing to meet the tourists: how to get there (PHOTOS)

This was reported by the CBR, the informs.

White flowers can already seen in the reserve, but the peak blooming is expected next week. Then, most of the Valley will be covered with blooming daffodils.

Tourists should know how to get to the unique locality. There are several options.

On May 3, the train Kyiv-Solotvyno, that makes stop in Khust, started running.

Ticket prices reach 500 UAH

If you stop in Uzhgorod or Mukachevo, you can get to Khust by bus.

And from the Khust to the Narcissus Valley (Kireshi tract) – by taxi or, on weekdays, by bus from Nebesna Sotnya street.

There is a charge for entrance to the reserve. It is 20 UAH for adults, 15 – for students, and 10 – for children (free for children under 7 years old).

Interestingly, recently the most popular publication of Italy wrote about the Narcissus Valley. The article of the "la Repubblica" in two days received more than five thousand likes. Readers of the publication saw 12 photographs of blooming wild daffodils in Transcarpathia.

The peak of daffodil blooming is expected on May 15, but you can enjoy the beautiful nature already this weekend. By the way, this year, they arranged near the largest viewing platform a "selfie-zone" with a basket of daffodils for tourists.

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