The Lime Alley will look the same after the repair – Bohdan Andriyiv

Uzhgorod city mayor Bohdan Andriyiv responded to the situation with the repair on Nezalezhnist embankment.

Recall that on Sunday, near the 1st school, there will be a rally to protect the Nezalezhnist embankment, which the city residents are invited to come to and express their opinion on the fate of one of the most important public spaces of the city.

– Yesterday, we began the preparatory work for the major repair of Nezalezhnist embankment in Uzhgorod, well-known to all residents of the city and guests of the regional center of Transcarpathia thanks to the famous Lime Alley. That is why most Uzhgorod residents are now wondering if the works hurt the lime trees. 
 Last week, I said it on the "Tisa-1" TV, and I want to say it again: the major repairs will only affect the carriageway and the pedestrian area of ​​the embankment. On the roadway, a new asphalt pavement will be laid. It is also planned to loosen the soil in the green zone between the embankment and the roadway, which will improve gas and water permeability. As for the embankment itself, the existing pavement will be removed manually (without the use of heavy machinery) and will be replaced with a natural stone.      
 I understand the concern of the citizens, who are worried about Uzhgorod, but I assure you: the lime alley will look the same after the repair.

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