The first mini-sculpture has been installed in Svalyava district (PHOTOS)

In the morning of November 10, 2020, sculptor Roman Murnyk and blacksmith Stepan Rusnak, with the help of the famous Transcarpathian philanthropist Pavel Hanynets, installed a mini-sculpture to one of the most famous tourists in Transcarpathia – Prince Rudolf Habsburg (dressed in Lower Austrian shorts, Alpine boots, sitting on a symbolic compass) 

Polyana territorial community, 10.11.2020 

Rudolf Habsburg-Lorraine (August 21, 1858, Laxenburg, Lower Austria – January 30, 1889, Mayerling) – Archduke, Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne, the only son of Emperor Franz Joseph and Elizabeth of Bavaria. He was named after the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the Habsburg dynasty – Rudolf I. Crown Prince Rudolf was fond of the Carpathians, where he loved to hunt bears, deers, wild boars.  

Fedir Shandor 


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