The first cultural route “Transcarpathian Art Path” will be made in Ukraine

By the end of October 2020, the country’s first cultural route will be made in Transcarpathia. It will consist of a cluster of points that will tell the history of the Transcarpathian school of landscape painting. Each point will represent a location from the paintings by landscape painters Adalbert Erdelyi, Yosyp Bokshay, Zoltan Sholtes, Gavrilo Gluck, Ernest Kontratovich, Anton Kashshay, Vasyl Gabda, Andriy Kotska, Ivan Shutyev, Ivan Ilko. 
The route preparation campaign will run from June to October. They will be based on ROI points (drawing points), which were selected in accordance with the research of art critic, philologist and researcher of cultural heritage of the Carpathians – Mykhailo Syrokhman. The route focuses not only on the history of the painting tradition. It concerns the ecology of nature and human ecology.
"We want to create a model of modern route that demonstrates the common cultural and environmental narrative of Ukraine with Central Eastern Europe" – Yevhen Zabarylo, project curator and chairman of the NGO "Cultural Platform of Transcarpathia" said. The concept of Cultural Routes was introduced in 1987 by the Council of Europe to implement key cultural principles of the European Union: human rights, cultural democracy, diversity and identity. 
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