The Deputy Mayor showed the documents for reconstruction (document)

The Deputy Mayor of Uzhgorod Igor Fartushok published the documents that, according to him, prove the legality of the works at Uzhgorod, Voloshin st., 47:

"Given the considerable public interest to the building at Voloshin st., 47, I would like to inform the community that, while preparing a number of documents which became the basis for the issuance of city planning conditions and restrictions, we strictly observed all the necessary procedures of approval in accordance with the requirements of the Law "On protection of cultural heritage" and "On regulation of urban development."
 In particular, the reconstruction project was approved by the Advisory council on the protection of cultural heritage of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration (minutes of 03.10.2016) and the Architectural and City Planning Council at Uzhgorod City Council (minutes №2 of 03.10.2017)."

However, according to people, who are looking into the matter and preparing an appeal to the leadership of the country, these documents actually confirm serious violations in the course of issuance of permits and approvals.

Oleg Olashyn: "And where is the approval by the authority for the protection of cultural heritage? I can only see the conclusion of the Advisory Council – an advisory body. Maybe I do not understand or do not know someting. Igor Fartushok, please explain."

Vitaliy Glagola: "Do you understand the difference between "reconstruction" and "demolish everything and build something similar instead?"

Igor Fartushok (who, by his own statement, oversees the urban development sector as the Deputy Mayor) has not provided the conclusion of the Authority for the protection of cultural heritage (if it exists at all) and the results of the expert evaluation by an architect from Lviv.

So currently it seems that the "reconstruction" was performed without approval by experts and relevant boards and authorities, however, at least with the tacit consent of some officials.

We hope the prosecutors will do a proper assessment of this destruction of Uzhgorod historical heritage.


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