The consolidated budget received from Rakhiv district more than 33 million hryvnias

During six months, individuals and entities of Rakhiv district payed in taxes and charges ​​1,200,000 UAH more than for the same period in 2012. The State Treasury received nearly 6 million hryvnias and budgets of the city, towns and villages of Rakhiv district received about 28 million hryvnias. Local governments are mainly funded by taxpayers paying personal income – more than 20 million hryvnias in total revenues. Also, the forest tax demonstrated the trend of revenue growth by 16% over that for the same period of the last year. Its amount for this year is 1,743,000 UAH. The simplified taxation system brought to the local budgets of Rakhiv district 630,000 UAH more than that in the last year during the first half. In general, during January-June of 2013, single tax payers paid to the budget almost 2,568,000 UAH which is almost 10% of revenues to local budgets.By STI in Rakhiv district

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